How It works


Step 1: Schedule a Meet n' Greet with Kal

Fill out our new customer fields on the homepage to schedule a complimentary Meet n' Greet with the owner of Kal Pals, Kallie. 

Step 2: Create you account with our customer 'Pal Portal'

Once you have filled out the form on the home page, Kal, will reach out to schedule your M&G. Once that appointment is booked Kal will email you instructions to create an account with our customer portal system. You will create that account and have access to scheduling services, paying invoices and keeping us up to date on you and your pal. View our "PAL PORTAL ACTIVATION VIDEO" for navigating your portal. 

Step 3: Schedule services with Kal

Once you have create your account with our portal system and have met with Kal you are able to schedule the services your pal needs. For more information about scheduling services view our "SCHEDULING SERVICES IN THE PAL PORTAL" video. 

Step 4: Receive a personal update from your Pal Nanny

After your pals service has been completed you will receive a personalized text/email from your pals nanny. Our portal system sends customers a GPS tracked report card and picture from your pal's service!

Step 5: Be satisfied

Continue to repeat Step #3 & #4 and be satisfied with the care Kal Pals provides your pal!

Pal Portal Activation Video

This video walks you through creating your Pal Portal account.

Scheduling Services in the Pal portal

This video walks you through requesting services on the pal portal system.

Viewing and paying invoices on the pal portal

This video walks you through viewing and paying invoices on the pal portal system.