Why Kal Pals?


Pet care is not a one-size-fits-all:

 When it comes to pet care there are many options to consider. Other options are not wrong, they just might not be right for your pal. Kal Pals is here to offer unique and stress-free care. Kal has spent her life caring for an array of different pets. She has learned a lot about natural instincts and has developed an alternative care plan. Pal Nannies are then trained to understand these behaviors and provide pals with Kal’s care plan. Read through our benefits to see if Kal Pals is right for your pal!  

Benefits of Pet Sitting Visits:

  • Dogs can start to exhibit negative behaviors ranging from constant barking, shaking, chewing, and aggression towards other animals/humans when they are in distress. Dogs are creatures of habit and with Kal Pals care we keep your dogs routine as close to normal as possible so there is less chance of these distress risks.
  • Dog’s receive more attention when there is one person caring for one dog. Your dog is our nannies number one priority when they are in our care. 
  • There is be no need for corrective collars when your dog is being cared for by Kal Pals

Less risk of transmitting communicable diseases such as Kennel Cough and Canine Flu. Also, fewer risks of injuries such as limping from overuse and puncture wounds from dogfights or rough play.

Benefits of Dog Walks:

  • Walks are an appropriate way for dogs to release their energy
  • 30-minute walks a week can lower your dogs weight by 15% 
  • Allowing your dog to get out of the house while you are away can lower the risk for boredom. Boredom can cause chewing and destruction in the home.
  • Walks can help with extra energy your dog may have, calming it down and reducing any hyperactivity, and even nighttime activity. A walk can help your dog to feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.
  • Timid or fearful dog can gain confidence and trust with regular walks from our nannies by being exposed to new yet soon to be comfortable surroundings.
  •  Perfect way for dogs to release their excess energy while you are at work

Benefits of Hiring a Pal Nanny:

While some pets do just fine in a kennel, many become highly stressed due to the change of environment and constant stimulation of a boarding facility.

Pet sitting means:

  • Less clamor = less stress!
  • You pets are comfortable at home and in their normal routine.
  • Zero risk of kennel cough!
  • Individualized, focused attention from their Pal Nanny. 
  • Your pets won’t need to spend time with unfamiliar animals.
  • Your pets won’t be in small spaces all day.
  • We’ll keep your home safe, too –  pet sitting and house sitting in one!

Our Vision:

We believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family.

We believe our pal nannies are the best in the business and we strive to uphold a safe, respectful, fun, desirable place to work. Kal Pals is constanly working to improve our services and communication. We strive to be as transparent as possible with our customers.

Our Philosophy:

Kal Pals strives to provide reliable, responsible and trustworthy services to our customers. We do this by following the Pet Sitter Associates Code of Ethics:

I will treat every pet as if it were my own.
I will be dependable and responsible at all times.
I will have an honest and trustworthy relationship with my customers.
I will respect and protect my customer’s home and property.
I will always keep my promises and fulfill my commitments.